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Mic King – Build


1. Build

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Artist: Mic King
Release Date: 1-4-2022
Genre: Rap
People: Mic King

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I put 5 thousand dollars in a bank account/
Turned that to 10 million, I would say about/
Depending who you ask, that's a great amount/
But I'm just getting started, lemme play it out/ (break it down)
Let's go
back to the future
Past when I hacked the computers/
For a pair of Jason Kidds
And even after the sutures/
From that bike accident
I'm talking after maneuvers/
That made me Mic King
an actual ruler /
From insights and my tendencies
I'ma Titan of industry /
I roll up and shoot my shot
Like a game of centipede/
I play a symphony
And dance out a step function/
I make something out of nothing
Til you get something/
...It's nothing…
Lemme be honest/
I'm just tryna find a balance
...With 3 commas/
When I make a statement
It flatters the figure/
You can't pick up where I'm heading
I Have to deliver/

We gon build..
I’m talking castles in the sky
80-story buildings
With my name up on the side
We gon build
I do whatever it takes
and I don't take advice
If you never was great

Minding my black owned business
cats don't witness/
The sleepless nights
They see the life
But have no vision/
>> no assistance
when that cash flow's missing/
I’m in a Black hole
Tryna pan gold - fishin’/
We got the same drive?
Well, my axle's different/
Things take a turn
I’m off the meat-rack and pinion/
Steering through the mist
-- Chances given/
on my second lap and winning
‘fore your gas your engine/
--- That’s persistence
Passion, and game/
no post-nominals or numerals
after my name/
My goal’s to give life to all
I imagine and claim/
So, I’ll be passing down wealth
When you’re passing the blame/
Do I have to explain?
We ain't half of the same/
I found my window and
Started from scratch like tagging the train/
Rather than for asking for change
I'm He who has to remain
Tweaking the EQ on my capital gains/we gon build

...I'm filling the void
I build and build more
Y'all niggas build and destroy
Black boy feeling his joy
I build and build more
Y'all niggas build and destroy
Verse Three
Let's have a toast
For the man they calling grandiose/
You played yourself
like a Cameo as a Grammy host/
The plan is manifold
Fortune and Glory, kid/
-- Like Indiana Jones
That’s the core of my story/
..And it goes
However, the legend has it/
Mapping the big picture
Forever I’m better at it/
>>I’m Not weathered
for leather jackets/
Or here for the moments
Whenever it’s never magic/
>>I’m what my grandmother
dreamed about/
When she packed up her kids
And they had to leave the South/10
...I’ma need the agreed amount/
odds were stacked up against
so I make it even out/12
>>That’s all I need to be about/
Building an estate
Til I don’t even leave the house/14
I’m requiring more/
And I bet if you bet against me
You got buyer’s remorse/

we gon build