Best Rapper Ever/Mic King – King’s Ransom ft Anwar Highsign

Mic King – King’s Ransom ft Anwar Highsign

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Artists: Anwar Highsign, Mic King
Release Date: 4-3-2022
Genre: Rap
People: Mic King ft Anwar Highsign

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Mic King - King's Ransom (feat. Anwar HighSign)

[Anwar HighSign]


The king’s back off the leash
Never in your life was the gap hard to see
I been outmoding my comp, y’all all obsolete.
If you just joined the zoom,
Well, welcome to the tombs
Has ain’t concerned or consumed wit’ your moves
I used to look around at you rock-throwers like, damn!
He threw it though I can’t see his hand(s)
The shots ain’t land, bu the optic was cute-

Cock blower,
you can’t push us out
But why fight? It’s nothin’ to box over
(here) my question: how do you got me so fucked up?
Never mind. It’s irrelevant.
Doors on the Beamer hit the Humpty
To sit in the bitch you do a belly twist
Core circuits
And more sermons
I come from years of short purses
And stored earnings
Court verdicts
Babies who born wit’ curses
Seen ‘em all like it’s Snowfall, season 4
Rob him to pay him. Same thing. Peter/Paul
Anybody mad at me is prolly ugly
You just a custie
Be happy you in luxury

One potato
2 hot potato
Red top, blue top. Black Super Saiyan.
You ain’t got a chance, I’m tapped to the matrix
But ring Mike King, he could help pull ya rank up.

To the “bosses”
Who don’t own a thing but a IG account and a closet full of Jordans
Gossipin’ to whores (and) then reportin’ like informants
But who is he to shit on? Your life(‘s) in the porcelain
Oh, You think you above me ‘cause I let you hear a couple of summaries of the drudgery
In a couple of summers I’ll have you covered by the shrubbery

Fuckin’ dweeb

[Mic King]

No sympathy for the king, right?
Heavy is the crown though
Became the man in the high castle
On the down low
I found growth
Like a mammogram
I’m Dow Jones
My industry’s average
And I’m savage with dial tones
That’s a hang up
You should fall back
Acting out of character and never getting call backs
I’m all that
That’s all
I have no problem with impossible
That’s solved.
Mask off
My immunity is diplomatic
My kids are magic and I’m winning cuz it’s just a habit
Get the ratchet or your chopper or worse
I be chillin’ in the Hamptons
Taking choppers to work
I’m a popular jerk
White sneakers in the rain rich
Rainmaker that’ll beat you even with the same pitch
I’m so famous
Ain’t gotta say shit
This is basic versus advanced placement
Summa cum laude shit
Wit dissertations
And a MVP
With several funding raises
In other words
You peons suck
Me and my jawn like Elon Musk meets Aeon Flux
I seen your analytics
What are those?!
You hit a couple goals, but you ain’t couple goals
I need a challenge, challenge
Like jumping rope
Don’t think you match wits
Cuz you want the smoke
Try your hand in a frying pan
I’m a firebrand
Black Bruce Wayne
Or a real life Iron Man
Just to keep it three thousand
Pay the king’s ransom
I’m not freestyling
Picture me smiling
Giving the bad news
That y’all niggas need talent
I’ma have your series canceled
Thinking you Kevin Samuels
Really you Tevin Campbell
Flyest dark skin, hired marksman
In a whole new world without
Touching a flying carpet
Science darts and lionheart shit
Back in the mile high club
Just fucking in my apartment
Try and start shit
That’s my department
But you don’t really do shit
Like blowing a giant cartridge
Nintendo reference
This is impressive
Stay ready for the line drop
This isn’t Tetris
Living legend
As if it is in question
It isn’t questioned
My time is of a different essence
Spitting weapon
I’m first when I’m getting seconds
Royal bloodline
Don’t act like it isn’t destined
Got the gravitas of a Bobby Axelrod
You can catch the wrath of God
If you try to sabotage
Your path is half mirage
You ain’t going far
The king is something I took to
like noah’s arc