Best Rapper Ever/Mic King – Miss Me

Mic King – Miss Me


1. Miss Me

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Artist: Mic King
Release Date: 30-6-2022
Genre: Rap
People: Mic King

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Miss Me

[Verse One]

You said you was ride or die now you’re dead to me
Had to trade you for a better dream
That’s your pedigree?
Yeah? Sucks for him if he’s aware of me
Head you’re in therapy, good. We were never good
Me? Just doing everything that I said I would
I know you see me on your socials
I target ads just to expose you
Women 35 to 44, global or local
With an interest in me and mine no interest in being noble
I leave a lasting impression
But you never clicked, my message mismatches your segment
Still, you’d be back in a second
Tryna spin my moral compass in the Acura Legend
Unless the flux capacitor’s present
You missed the chance of a lifetime, lemme ask you a question


Hope you got what you want
And want what you got
Cuz I live it to the limit
And I love it a lot
Do I miss you?
Oh! No!
I don’t miss you
Oh No!

[Verse Two]

We’re all heroes in our stories, I’m the villain in yours
Now I deal with a glassdoor to match the ceiling and floor
You’re one in a million, I’m one in 8 billion more
What the fuck you think salary really is for?
Still we endured, letting you go was the better move
We doubled revenue, something you said we’d never do
Now we’re weatherproof in a nuclear winter
You didn’t play a part like the movie’s suspended
I’m truly offended for erroneous shit
You’d draw a line one-sided like a mobius strip
I’m only legit that’s why it’s lonely to sit
Waiting for unicorns though I know we exist
Guess I should thank you for the lessons learned
Now the team’s more qualified than you ever were
I have an expression don’t keep ya past in the present
You’re persona non grata and that’s just for reference


Hope you got what you want
And want what you got
Cuz I live it to the limit
And I love it a lot
Do I miss you?
Oh! No!
I don’t miss you
Oh No!

[Verse Three]

Used to see myself in you now it’s a foreign affair
I examine my footprints like I’m carbon-aware
We’re both focused on the margins, yours was margin of error
It’s probably obvious I’m looking hard in the mirror
I’m not who you are in a year and people aren’t prepared
Still I represent your wishes like a bargaining chair
Evolving is weird, but long overdue
Where you’re headed the old you can’t even go with you
Perfect is the enemy so much of our identity
Is limiting beliefs but I can’t commit to memories
We had some good times You and I
But now our paths ain’t unified
To scrutinize my world through your eyes is suicide
Now watch me put it down while you’re euthanized
So who am I? What’s the bottom line?
I’m just walking off the feeling of running out of time.