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With the pandemic, the gig economy, and the Great Resignation, a lot of people are redefining the American dream and becoming their own boss. “Build” taps into that directly by reflecting on my experiences as an entrepreneur growing my digital marketing agency iPullRank. I’m taking a moment to turn my eight years of building my business into an anthem for those that are doing the same thing. The song is also an “I see you” moment to remind other builders that it’s not always easy, sometimes it’s downright lonely, but if you keep hustling it’s very rewarding, so keep going. At the end of the day, we’re all a product of the choices made by generations past, and I’m no different. During the Great Migration, my grandmother moved from South Carolina to Philly to create a better life for herself and her descendants. So, Build is also a song where I recognize my position in creating generational wealth within a black family and taking a moment to celebrate it. As a polymath, I also exist at the convergence of a lot of disciplines, so Darren Talent and I integrated my onstage marketing conference performances with the music. I wanted it to be very clear that I’m not one of those guys you see on YouTube selling you info-products, I’m really out here doing this.

~ Mic King


Artists: Mic King
Release Date: 1-4-2022
People: Mic King
Genre: Rap
Album: iCONIC

Produced entirely by Portland beatsmith and DJ Trox (50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Cordae, etc.), iCONIC arrived following King’s decade-long hiatus from music and features M.O.P‘s Lil’ Fame, Musiq Soulchild, and the Honorable Anwar HighSign.

BUILD - Lyrics

[Verse One]

I put 5 thousand dollars in a bank account/
Turned that to 10 million, I would say about/
Depending who you ask, that’s a great amount/
But I’m just getting started, lemme play it out/ (break it down)
Let’s go
back to the future
Past when I hacked the computers/
For a pair of Jason Kidds
And even after the sutures/
From that bike accident
I’m talking after maneuvers/
That made me Mic King
an actual ruler /
From insights and my tendencies
I’ma Titan of industry /
I roll up and shoot my shot
Like a game of centipede/
I play a symphony
And dance out a step function/
I make something out of nothing
Til you get something/
…It’s nothing…
Lemme be honest/
I’m just tryna find a balance
…With 3 commas/
When I make a statement
It flatters the figure/
You can’t pick up where I’m heading
I Have to deliver/


We gon build..
I’m talking castles in the sky
80-story buildings
With my name up on the side
We gon build
I do whatever it takes
and I don’t take advice
If you never was great

[Verse Two]

Minding my black owned business
cats don’t witness/
The sleepless nights
They see the life
But have no vision/
>> no assistance
when that cash flow’s missing/
I’m in a Black hole
Tryna pan gold – fishin’/
We got the same drive?
Well, my axle’s different/
Things take a turn
I’m off the meat-rack and pinion/
Steering through the mist
— Chances given/
on my second lap and winning
‘fore your gas your engine/
— That’s persistence
Passion, and game/
no post-nominals or numerals
after my name/
My goal’s to give life to all
I imagine and claim/
So, I’ll be passing down wealth
When you’re passing the blame/
Do I have to explain?
We ain’t half of the same/
I found my window and
Started from scratch like tagging the train/
Rather than for asking for change
I’m He who has to remain
Tweaking the EQ on my capital gains/

[Verse Three]

Let’s have a toast
For the man they calling grandiose/
You played yourself
like a Cameo as a Grammy host/
The plan is manifold
Fortune and Glory, kid/
— Like Indiana Jones
That’s the core of my story/
..And it goes
However, the legend has it/
Mapping the big picture
Forever I’m better at it/
>>I’m Not weathered
for leather jackets/
Or here for the moments
Whenever it’s never magic/
>>I’m what my grandmother
dreamed about/
When she packed up her kids
And they had to leave the South/10
…I’ma need the agreed amount/
odds were stacked up against
so I make it even out/12
>>That’s all I need to be about/
Building an estate
Til I don’t even leave the house/14
I’m requiring more/
And I bet if you bet against me
You got buyer’s remorse/


Michael King’s stage name may seem a bit tongue in cheek, but when considering his origins as a formidable battle rapper from Philadelphia, there’s nothing more apropos.

Over time, though, the name Mic King has grown and evolved to encompass much more than what inferior emcees might view as a threat.

With the launch of his rap career in the early aughts, King went from exciting new up-and-comer alongside labelmates Jean Grae and Fall Out Boy, to successful founder and CEO of a digital marketing agency over the course of a decade. Unlike fellow rappers-turned-business moguls like Jay-Z, King’s career path to the executive boardroom was more unorthodox.