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Made It’ is a song thanking my mother for all she did to give me the opportunities that helped me find my way in the world and ultimately become a successful entrepreneur. I’ve been a huge fan of Musiq Soulchild for many years so it was a dream come true to get him to join me on the record. It’s been a really meaningful experience for me because my mom is also a fan of his and when I played her the song she was completely floored. When I’ve played it live it has really connected with people and I’m excited to see a song that is so important to me resonate with the world.

~ Mic King


Artists: Mic King, Musiq Soulchild
Release Date: 4-28-2022
People: Mic King ft Musiq Soulchild
Genre: Rap
Album: iCONIC

Produced entirely by Portland beatsmith and DJ Trox (50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Cordae, etc.), iCONIC arrived following King’s decade-long hiatus from music and features M.O.P‘s Lil’ Fame, Musiq Soulchild, and the Honorable Anwar HighSign.

MADE IT - Lyrics

[Verse One]

Made in Philadelphia
But I made it in New York
I appreciate all the things
you would do for
Me still, Greenfield
Hamden, and Drew Hall
You kept me educated
And dedicated to do more
True to my due course
We hit it off
Like a cue ball
Bet it’s surreal
Beverly still view me as a newborn
This is my true form
Who I’m supposed to be
It’s what I owe to you
It’s not an ode to me
My advocate
To an impressive extent
Adamant that I’m gifted
You made them test me again
They never questioned it since
That’s your methods at work
And I’m always proud to say
My mom’s a registered nurse
With a Bachelors from Penn
And Masters from Yale
I got bravado cuz you modeled
Great paths to excel
Actually, well
Here’s my comfortable truth
I wouldn’t be
If it wasn’t for you


Made that living
You ain’t gotta watch out
Mommy, don’t you worry
‘Bout your Howard U drop out
I made it!
Mommy, I made it!
You made it look easy
Holdin’ son up
Til sun down
I’m all you said I’d be
And a lot more somehow
I made it!
Mommy, I made it!

[Musiq’s Bridge]

Long nights, hard times, a lil cryin’
To get me here, true story, no lie
You stuck through, I would follow the wrong signs
Somehow you knew, I would learn in my own time
Look at me, I’m just fine
You ain’t gotta worry about mine
Mama, I’m good, I promise on your life
No pain, no stress, yeah it paid off
cuz it was worth it because I… 

[Verse Two]

Made something of yourself
and it made a world of difference/
…I wish you had more assistance/
Part of love is it’s
Hard to stomach like core resistance/
…I’m a product of your persistence/
Childhood memories
Maybe you recollect/
You climbed a mountain
While I would mess with an Etch-a-Sketch/
Watching you conquer obstacles
I never second guess/
You started on me a high note
like a treble clef/
That’s why I’m neck and neck
With the lesser evils/
It takes special people
to make special people/
If ever need you
There you go again/
Thank you
For everything I don’t know you did/
You made the sacrifice
Gave more than half ya life/
I want to repay you
I’ll never match the price/
You never let me down
Never once
And that’s high mark
I’m made to measure up.


Michael King’s stage name may seem a bit tongue in cheek, but when considering his origins as a formidable battle rapper from Philadelphia, there’s nothing more apropos.

Over time, though, the name Mic King has grown and evolved to encompass much more than what inferior emcees might view as a threat.

With the launch of his rap career in the early aughts, King went from exciting new up-and-comer alongside labelmates Jean Grae and Fall Out Boy, to successful founder and CEO of a digital marketing agency over the course of a decade. Unlike fellow rappers-turned-business moguls like Jay-Z, King’s career path to the executive boardroom was more unorthodox.