The Promise

Verse One

All I ever wanted was a promise1 Testing 1-2-3

lightsaber and a SkyPager

An Ac Legend no half-steppin’

A beat behind that  could deify these rap sessions

To redefine it by nature  til I asked questions

Honestly, nobody respects honesty

I was beside myself til I decided to Quantum Leap

…Now the world feels so obsolete

I flip my own styles  like Simone Biles on the balance beam

….Really, only I can challenge me

I’m back in transmission for the planned mission that’s not complete/

…re-establishing my beliefs/

Cuz I’m best known for what I didn’t write like Socrates/

I’ma be, Who I’ma be. Nothing’s not for me/

I fly to the tropic seas for shopping sprees/

Seasons change, I’m in different place Like Aqua Teen/

Off an Information Retrieval monopoly/

Aging prodigy, exchanging props for property

Tailor made anomaly, trading drama for comedy/

Am I topping me? It’s the top for me/

My destiny’s in my own hands Like Palmistry/


Verse Two

All I ever wanted was to make my momma proud/

Give her backstage passes to see me at Powerhouse/

That period in my bank account …it’s a comma now/

That’s why I’m everything except for common – now/

built the promised land from a modest plan/

now the plot expands So you can step off like Modern dance/

…Nigga, Not a chance, you In the wrong son/

Go head take offense, You sitting on one/

In the long run, you hardly a boss/

Only MC I’m checking for is marginal cost/

To all the party’s involved I’m calling it off

I won’t harbor a loss, maybe That’s my cardinal flaw

I’m loving who I’m becoming, to some it’s just unbecoming

When I was up and coming. y’all niggas got up to nothing

Remember that, that’s why I’m comfortable winning

And I been arrogant since my humble beginnings

it’s iCONIC!